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else besides the police department. this guy could not be used at anything, and he is the chief witness against me, and it is all personal. >> you had these findings sent to you? you have a copy? >> yes, sir. >> " what letter. -- what letter? >> they said 3 minutes. they said it was a proper venue, we had three minutes. if you want something in writing, we will give you something in writing. commissioner garcia: we still have to vote. >> is there not an opportunity to submit -- to submit written response to the findings? >> there is an opportunity. we asked both sides to review them and let us know if there are any errors or corrections, or opinions they have about it. there is no limitation to a three-minute rebuttal. we don't allow the parties to submit additional briefing to the board, but we try and correct any mistakes and get all the information from the parties before we provide them to you. if there are any problems, we can review them. >> in response to this particular set of findings, the received any comments? >> i did receive a comment, and he says that he did not agree with
phase. do you care to use it? >> michael levinson. i will probably use less than a minute. i want to show you the project was completed by the architect. in the upper floor changes the type of the building. at that point, it was a beautiful building in our neighborhood. then they declined our right to accept this project and returned to the original one. i hope the commissioners will look at this project, at the architectural redundancy of the project. by the way, the privacy issue -- they are building the house 5 feet from the property line. my house is sitting basically on the property line. the privacy issue is distance. vice president goh: i have a question, if you would not mind putting those drawings into the record. i am not clear how moving this forward, moving the top floor forward, helps you. could you explain that? >> yes. it is moved toward miralamoarom my building, which is located here, this window at least will be facing my building and not facing my backyard, which is in this area. it will make a really big difference. vice president goh: moving in backward? >> mov
. later, he learned about other issues, like the conditional use permit. i think, looking at chinatown today, where it has deteriorated, and where it is going, unfortunately in the next years and the next decades, we have to be as commissioners and the citizens, as chinatown residents, we have to be very vigilant about how our buildings and architecture are protected and preserved for future generations most chinatowns in the united states have disappeared. this chinatown is very famous and very much needs to be preserved for future generations of chinese-americans. thank you. president peterson: thank you. is there another speaker? please step forward. >> hi, my name is sonya, and i am a student, and today i would like to speak for -- commissioner garcia: you can move the microphone. >> thank you, i like to represent the future generations that will come and live and work in this chinatown community, to express support for this project. like the appellant and other preservationists friends here, i have an appreciation for the architectural heritage and historical values of places like
proceed procedures. >>> hughes body was found in the bushes behind a parking lot being used for overflow parking. the body wasn't found until this morning. >> there's all kind of shell casings found in and around the parking lot itself. investigators are in there collecting evidence. >>> the board of directors of the chamber of commerce has endorsed meg whitman for governor. but in response, the president of the university of california suspended their board membership. he says he is against the board getting involved with electoral debates. brown also made campaign appearances today in los angeles and in sacramento. >>> this afternoon here in the bay area, brown campaigned among a labor day crowd in alameda. christien kafton is right now, he is live now with this report, khristien. >> it's a beautiful day, it's either the unofficial end of summer or the unofficial beginning of the campaign period. it's a time for can dates to candidates to see or be seen. >> with the eight weeks to go, we're going to put ads on the radio and television. we'll campaign throughout the state and i'm convin
and believe me, it will not happen again. i have not used to the city rationale that someone not under oath will lie. i hope you notice when other city employees are not taking the oath and meet them with skepticism. i appreciated it president peterson's concern about the lack of counsel, from the presentation and request for reconsideration. i think this may end up in court, and we would be willing to take any this statement i made under oath. and i don't believe it that i said anything other than what i had already said under oath in prior testimony at the time of the actual appeal. the reason i am here is because basically i viewed a lot of hearings and you can go listen to these on the sunshine ordnance task force website. those are the statements i made, i don't think they are in any way false, and i will be using them to talk about this issue. one of the things you have to understand in cases of abuse, it is usually a crime of power. as an individual citizen against the city agency, who will have the power? the city agency. a main concern was that this board made the decision not to g
and the approval for the variance and conditional use is quantified as a reasonable amount of time. in looking at this and the project in the history and how we work with them to come to resolution, we think a reasonable amount of time is the time that it takes to get the project approved. we feel it's still complies with the time limitations of the planning code for conditional use. vice president goh: okay. i'm still able bet unclear. i know you addressed this earlier. why wouldn't product sponsor have been asked or required to have an extension, or whatever mechanism it would be? >> it could've been the determination of the staff working on the project at the time. they still had not cleared up the variance issue, it was still a project in motion, and we had not started the time clock then. the department work with the project sponsor at the time and to my knowledge have not requested they go back and obtain an extension of conditional use, because we were reviewing this project actively over those years and felt it was still consistent. vice president goh: when you mentioned the people in
of the structure, they would submit to us a structural engineering report showing what the emergency work for repair, mitigation of that condition, would need to be. there would need to have one of our engineering staff go and evaluate at the site based on the report. the permit would be issued based upon our engineering staff concurring with their engineer's report showing an unsafe foundation that would be grounds for possibly issuing an emergency order and a permit for the repair of the foundation. commissioner garcia: thank you. commissioner hwang: typically, what is the turnaround time for such a permit? >> if it is thought to be an emergency, we generally get our stuff out immediately upon receiving the report. it is usually the same day. vice president goh: would dbi consider making a site visit without the report from the engineer? if we could save on the expense of having to do that, if dbi could have a look -- we have heard allegations there is an unsafe situation. >> generally, and that is not how it works. vice president goh: it needs a report? >> we work based on what that re
of the officer's used the car door to shield himself from the suspect but the man kept coming reaching for the officer's gun. that is when another officer opened fire. >> the suspect,,immediately approached the officer and there eventual low was a struggle over the officcr weapon. with time a second officer pulled up to the ssene, observed what was going on ann shot the suspect in the chest. >> the suspect was taken to shock trauma in critical but stable condition. >>> the woman accused of setting ablaze that hurt a baltimore firefighter is scheduled to be in court today. the trial of 20 years old britney garcia will start this morning. she is facing charges including arson and reckless engagement..3 prosecutors say in aprrl she started a fire in a northwest firefighter jeff novac suffered severe burns in that blaze andú is expected to testify. garcia could spend up to 30 years in jail in founn guiity. >>> there's a motion hearing set for today in the case of a high school teacher accused of having sex with a student on school ú%ounds. carl ray moore was charged in may withhseveral s
officials told us they would intensify efforts to make sure their clerks were honest. but it's still happening. meet willis willis of grand prairie texas. he plays the lottery at the same store every week. one day last spring he handed his teickets behind the counter >> i asked the guy to check my ticket if it was a winner or not. >> the clerk was a 25-year-old college student. >> he came back and said, you have a $2 winner. >> but it turns out willis had won a little more than 2 bucks. he had really won a million. his ticket, according to the local d.a., was stolen by the clerk. she presented the case to the grand jury. >> and they made a determination that the man commented the offense of claiming the lottery prize by fraud. >> it's hard to know exactly how often this happens. what we do know is all over the country lottery retailers are turning up as some of the biggest winners around. in new york, a lottery retailer has cashed 120 winning tickets for more than $500,000. and in florida there are seven lottery retailers among the frequent winners. including one that has tickets wor
, with all of the legalese, i think she is now in agreement with us. going ahead and boarding up the window. ok, i am hoping a lawyer will confirm that, and if she and i are on the same side, we just have to worry about the people next door. how valid is their claim? they cannot see in the window. all i see is the air over their backyard. what privacy issues are involved, as you mentioned a few minutes ago? but, yes, the window is on the property line. that is for sure. there are 100,000 windows on the property line in san francisco. they are not retroactive to the 19th century or the 20th century. when i got my back door, like many others, i take a couple of steps, and i am touching the building next door. windows on the property line. my privacy, boo hoo, who cares? it has been 85 years that these houses have been next to each other. i mean, you know, if you think is a window out of the other 999,000 should be boarded up, ok. i assume we would have to move out. the bedroom would not be livable. we would have to have six months of renovation. i am not the property owners involved. i am is
in the use of my own property. the window cannot be used except as an emergency escape route, even though he has mentioned he is concerned about an earthquake, how he would get out. that is not my problem. the problem needs to be resolved in his own unit. there is no legal requirement to provide light and window. there is no authority about the contemplated work. this obtains a proper permit, and we came to an agreement. i even agree at that time that i would pay for half of the removal of the window as a good neighbor. the window above we stopped complaining about because it was much further above and not right into my bedroom. i do not think i am being unreasonable. i have a small house, much smaller than hers. my backyard is about three or four times the size of my house and slopes upward, and i walked out, and this is what i see, this window. it is an ugly thing to see. that is all i have to say, in a really appreciate your listening to me, -- and i really appreciate your listening to me, and i do not think any the derogatory comments should affect your decision, because they are simply
no documents provided for us to review, we had no idea what this reflects. it is incomplete. there is no way to get a fix on exactly what is being done. vice president goh: so then i do have a question for the homeowners' representative. cars does not have the stamp. -- ours does not have the stamp. so it shows the garage, but to the left of that, it shows a game room. is that new? or was that part of -- >> it has not really changed from one place to another. what changed was the grade. it was so you could get windows on the ground floor. the floor plate has not changed. vice president goh: the fact that there is habitable space on the first floor is not new. >> there was for their before, but it was without windows. vice president goh: oh, i see. >> but by digging that out, all of a sudden, you have livable space, because in of windows. we have a retaining wall of up to 3 feet. windows on the rear. i think i have found that one of the mysteries of the drawings by the two engineers. which concerns me, because there was a discussion with the hoa and the project sponsor regarding the garage do
to e muscular dystrophy. >> i like coming to wwrk especially this week. everybody greets us warmly with a smile and thanks for what you're doing out there. >> last year thh ccty and counny %-$188,000.ments raised ú%th those of other viewers like you helped to make this year mda jerry lewis telethon a big success. >> people in the baltimore regionnhelped raise more than a million dollars for jerry's kids ooer the labor day holidaa. nationally the telethon brought in nearll $59 million that s slightly less than the $60 million americans donated last year and the recood $655million in contributions that were made in 2008. lewis says he is impressed by the nntion's ability to give even when people are struggling financially. >>> coming up on in the earry edition.3 the city spends tees of thousands f dollars each month to lease one building. >> it's been a great deal for whoever is getting he lease ppymentssbut not so much for taxpayers. >>> the other thing that baltimore has to pay for that expensive. >>> a stunning day on the bay. %-it ill make for a warm one. we have breezy cond
home will be directly behind where i live and where the linns live, and it was the two of us to ask for the appeal. i want to reiterate that the neighbors accepted the same permit, the same original plan we have said to go ahead with. we are very concerned every time we appear before the group we were given to understand that everything was going to be as the original plans. that was submitted and the permit was authorized. now, one week ago, i received again a new set6z;rj what i just said, i wanted to proceduretb with the original permit with the original play and that we approved on, and the response to our brief was totally other things, nothing to do with what our goal is, so i am asking the board if the9bda is to make sure that the plan the korea of approved, that the st. francis association has approved, actually gets built -- that the plan that we have approved. president peterson: thank you. >> good evening, commissionaires. my name is -- i am the one high your by the owner of the agent of record. -- i am the one high your by the owner, the aged of record. -- i am the one h
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)